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The Wedding Clause

June 2005
Zebra Regency Romance
ISBN 0-8217-7825-0

A Game Of Chance

Molly Conwell’s life has been quite unremarkable—until she learns the startling details of her late employer Lady Woodhart’s will: The sum of 30,000 pounds will be divided equally between the deceased’s grandson, Viscount “Hart” Woodhart, and Molly if they wed. If one or the other fails to appear, then the present party receives the entire fortune. Molly has no intention to wed Hart, but if she inherits the money she could help her brother regain his proper place in Society. Besides, she’s convinced that her prospective groom, who has always accused her of being a fortune hunter, will not present himself. As Molly embarks on a daring charade, she discovers a fierce opponent in Hart —and an even fiercer desire for this dangerously handsome man who may prove impossible to resist...


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